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PowerX Opens Pre-Orders for “Mega Power for Marine”

TOKYO, JAPAN / November 7, 2022 – Power X, Inc. announced that the company has now opened pre-orders for marine storage battery solution “Mega Power for Marine,” starting November 7th with more information on the product available at https://products.power-x.jp/marine_battery/en/.

As global warming has become an increasingly significant issue in recent years, the global demand for hybrid or electric vessels is rapidly expanding in order to accelerate the transition to decarbonization. With the continuous expansion of the electric ship market, the demand for marine storage batteries is expected to grow rapidly in response to the electrification of ships and the promotion of renewable energy use at ports.

PowerX’s marine battery, “Mega Power for Marine,” will be available in a 10ft or 20ft containerized size for large-scale marine energy storage. Energy consumption is constantly optimized in proprietary cloud systems to ensure the most efficient voyage. “Mega Power for Marine” can also be purchased and deployed from the rack level, making it a versatile solution that can accommodate vessels of all capacities.

Besides, “Mega Power for Marine” utilizes lithium-ion iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are less prone to ignition and thermal runaway than ternary lithium-ion batteries (NMC & NCA) and have a long lifespan of over 6,000 cycles. Given the high level of safety and longevity, “Mega Power for Marine” could also be re-used for secondary or even tertiary applications.

“Mega Power for Marine “will be manufactured at PowerX’s in-house battery assembly plant in Japan and will be available as a high-performance, competitively priced, domestically produced storage battery solution. All software, including the energy management system, is developed in Japan and managed by a local server to ensure high level of security.

■PowerX Mega Power for Marine (Marine Storage Battery) Product Overview
Product Name: PowerX Mega Power for Marine
Rated Capacity per rack:163kWh / 186kWh
Classification:DNV, Class NK
Key Features:
• Available as a high-capacity storage battery in industry-standard 10ft or 20ft containerized sizes or in a rack unit.
• Utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery Cells to ensure safety and longevity
• Flexible and scalable modular design to support the customer’s needs

Pre-order Website:https://products.power-x.jp/marine_battery/en/

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