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Introducing Hypercharger Pro: A New Battery-integrated EV Charger That Powers Facility


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PowerX, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo, Director, and President & CEO: Masahiro Ito)  announced the launch of its new battery-integrated ultrafast EV charger, "Hypercharger Pro." Retaining the class-leading maximum output of 150kW, it is enhanced with innovative features that maximize the advantages of its integrated battery energy storage system. For business owners, the “Hypercharger Pro” is not just a charging station but a tool for smart energy management, offering significant savings on energy costs and providing a dependable emergency power source during outages.

Starting February 28, customers can place their pre-orders for both the “Hypercharger Pro” and the 2024 standard model of the “Hypercharger,” with deliveries expected to commence in the second half of this year.

Key Features of the Hypercharger Pro 

-Enhanced Performance: 

The inclusion of a large cooler facilitates prolonged ultrafast charging sessions, ensuring optimal performance in various settings, whether indoors or outdoors.

-Bi-Directional Energy Management:

The Hypercharger Pro's integrated batteries feature bi-directional functionality, allowing site owners to manage the energy of adjacent facilities efficiently. Capable of delivering up to 50kW back to the facility, it is ideal for harnessing surplus electricity from onsite solar installations and minimizing energy costs through effective peak shaving. This intelligent utilization of battery storage is seamlessly managed by our advanced cloud-based system, “PowerOS.”

-Dependable Standalone Operation: 

In the event of power outages, the Hypercharger Pro's standalone operation capability ensures it can act as an emergency power supply, selectively powering essential circuits to maintain critical operations.

-Versatile Charging Options: 

To accommodate a wide range of EVs, including commercial and service vehicles and even ground support equipment for aircraft, the Hypercharger Pro supports various charging standards. This includes the European CCS2 and the newly established North American standard, SAE J3400, providing flexibility for different vehicle requirement

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