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Introducing PowerX Cube 360: A Mid-Size Storage Solution for Industrial Use


PowerX, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo, Director, President & CEO: Masahiro Ito), announced the launch of its new midsize industrial battery energy storage system, the "PowerX Cube 360." This versatile product is designed to reduce energy costs by peak shaving in various retail and industrial settings and it doubles as a backup power source during power outages.

Pre-orders start today, with deliveries set to kick off in September 2024.

The PowerX Cube 360 is the result of leveraging our proven battery energy storage technology, previously utilized in our battery-integrated ultrafast EV chargers, to cater to the industrial market. The battery system supports the connection of up to four units, enabling an expandable total energy storage capacity of up to 1,432 kWh. We're offering this as a comprehensive package, which includes a power conditioning system (PCS) for seamless integration.

Furthermore, the PowerX Cube 360 will be shipped to customers across Japan from our own factory, "Power Base," located in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. Similar to PowerX’s larger battery storage offerings, the PowerX Cube 360 features round-the-clock remote monitoring and troubleshooting through its built-in IoT functions. With the PowerX Cube 360, customers gain access to our cloud-based system, PowerOS, allowing for real-time monitoring and management for optimal performance tailored to their specific needs. This robust support infrastructure, coupled with our intuitive software, empowers our customers to confidently deploy and utilize our battery storage solutions.

In the future, PowerX is set to broaden our portfolio with the introduction of the PowerX Cube 180, which will boast a rated capacity of 179 kWh.

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