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PowerX Receives Orders from NICIGAS for “Hypercharger.”

Deliveries are set to start in October 2023, with planned installation at seven locations.

PowerX, Inc. (Head Office: Minato City, Tokyo, Japan; Director, President & CEO: Masahiro Ito, hereafter “PowerX”) today announced that it has received the order for its battery-integrated ultrafast EV chargers, ‘Hypercharge,’ from NIPPON GAS CO., LTD. (Head Office: Shibuya City, Tokyo Japan, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Kunihiko Kashiwaya, hereafter “NICIGAS”) a prominent energy retail company.

The order entails installing one unit at each of the seven NICIGAS business locations starting October 2023. Hypercharger, a battery-integrated EV charger, can boast ultrafast charging at a maximum output of 240kW. These chargers will significantly reduce charging time for NICIGAS’s EV fleet, improving operational efficiency. Additionally, by utilizing renewable energy stored in the onboard battery for vehicle charging, Hypercharger will substantially reduce NICIGAS’s CO2 emissions within Scope 1*. Furthermore, the Hypercharger can be powered through commercial low-voltage power contracts, eliminating PRESS RELEASE

the need for high-voltage power input and reducing installation barriers and operation costs. The onboard battery can also serve as a power source in times of emergency.

Starting with implementing the battery-integrated ultrafast EV chargers at NICIGAS’ business locations, PowerX will promptly provide NICIGAS with other battery products, including stationary storage batteries. Through this, we aim to contribute further to NICIGAS’ goal of establishing a decentralized energy infrastructure and solving social challenges through proposals for optimal energy utilization.

*Scope 1: Direct greenhouse gas emissions by the business (combustion of fuel, industrial process) (as defined by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan).

Company Name: NIPPON GAS CO., LTD. (日本瓦斯株式会社)
Location:4-31-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8582
Representative:Kunihiko Kashiwaya (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

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Press Contact: pr@power-x.jp