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PowerX Partners with Kyoto City to Conduct Public EV Charging Location Survey and Field Testing Utilizing “Hypercharger”

TOKYO, JAPAN / November 28th, 2022 – PowerX Inc. today announced that its proposal on public electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure has been selected by the Kyoto City Environment Policy Office for the “KYOTO CITY OPEN LABO,” a project to promote public-private partnership and problem-solving in Kyoto City. PowerX’s proposal was selected for “developing a Public EV charging infrastructure where anyone can recharge vehicles anytime, anywhere.”

PowerX will work with Kyoto City to research the existing public EV charging infrastructure and collect user feedback before deploying “Hypercharger”, its ultrafast EV chargers, in the city as a field testing for EV charging powered by renewable energy. The field testing is scheduled to start in 2023. Through these efforts, the company aims to better understand Kyoto city’s demand for public charging infrastructure to consider a business model in which private companies can offer charging services powered by renewable energy.

The company has recently announced its plan to launch EV charging stations in the Greater Tokyo area by the summer of 2023 and expand its network to 7,000 locations nationwide by 2030. Each charging station features battery-integrated ultrafast EV chargers that can store electricity from renewable energy sources and recharge EVs with the stored power. By launching EV charging station business, the company intends to provide an environmentally friendly and convenient EV experience with 100% renewable energy recharging.

This project with Kyoto City is significant as it marks the partnership between the public and private sectors to solve EV charging issues and promote EV adoption at the very place where monumental agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol and the IPCC Kyoto Guideline were adopted, showing important implications for the realization of carbon neutrality.

About Hypercharger
PowerX Hypercharger is equipped with a 320 kWh storage battery and achieve maximum power output of 240 kW. The built-in storage battery can store electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar power and recharge EVs with the stored power. Installation of a Hypercharger is quick and easy as no high voltage contract nor complicated construction is needed. The charger can support various power input such as a standard commercial 200V outlet. PowerX’s Charging Stations will offer EV charging with 100% renewable energy at any time of the day by storing clean electricity in its storage battery when the supply is abundant.

Press Contact: pr@power-x.jp
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