Energy storage solutions

for a greener future

PowerX Hypercharger

The battery-integrated design enables Hypercharger to
be installed at a 200V low-voltage power from the grid or
commercial buildings, lowering the hurdle to scale
ultrafast charging by lifting the grid infrastructure

  • Battery-integrated ultrafast EV chargers
  • Up to 300kWh of battery capacity
  • 150-240kW high power output
  • Quick and cost-effective deployment with low-voltage power (200V3φ)

PowerX Mega Power

PowerX Mega Power is a 20ft containerized stationary
energy storage system with up to 3,000kWh battery
capacity. Mega Power can reduce electricity bills by
storing off-peak energy or be leveraged as an emergency
power supply during power outages.

  • Up to 3000 kWh of battery capacity
  • Second and third-life applications enabled by the proprietary module design and cloud BMS
  • Peak shaving with batteries and corporate PPA to reduce utility bills
  • Uninterruptible power supply to support BCP

Marine Battery

PowerX’s marine battery can reduce maritime GHG
emissions and promote the electrification of maritime
vessels, powering the sustainable future of shipping.

  • Large containerized ESS designed for hybrid & electric ships to support the adoption of zero-emission ships and fully electric propulsion
  • 3000kWh of capacity to enable long-distance navigation and travel
  • Domestically produced, safe and robust

Home Battery

The 10 kWh integrated home battery system stores
power for daily use as well as backup protection during
power outages, enabling a significant reduction in
carbon footprint and energy independence.

  • Compact design and simple installation
  • Integrated with power conditioner and IoT-based smart meter
  • Over 24 hours of power supply during an outage
  • Optional EV semi-fast charging feature