From refueling to recharging
with renewables

Ultrafast EV charging

with renewable energy

Powering a greener future

Ultrafast charging is essential for the adoption of EVs and renewable energy. PowerX will establish a smart and sustainable EV charging infrastructure with the battery-integrated ultrafast EV charger and the proprietary user app.*EV chargers with over 150kW of power output.

Japan lags behind
EV fast-charging stations

Europe8,700locations USA約13,500locations Japan14locations Europe8,700locations USA約13,500locations Japan14locations Europe8,700locations USA約13,500locations Japan14locations

Bottlenecks in EV charging

The number of public EV ultrafast chargers (100kW〜) in Japan is lacking significantly when compared to the rest of the world, where the sales of EVs and expansion of charging infrastructure are growing exponentially.

* Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, UK.

Sources: IEA Global EV Outlook, World Bank statistics, JETRO, and company websites.

* Number of ultrafast-charging stations (100 kW~) in Japan as of October 2022

Emissions from

electric vehicles

Charge EVs with stored clean energy

In Japan, about 60% of the electricity is thermally generated, out-contributing solar power even in the daytime. The percentage increases to 80% when solar radiation is obstructed due to poor weather. Real zero-carbon emission is unattainable if EVs heavily depend on non-renewable resources.

240 kW EV charger

powered by 100%

renewable energy

Search, reservation,

payment all done

on one single app

PowerX’s proprietary app for a stress-free EV charging experience

The PowerX App will provide a secure, reliable, easy booking and paying process.

Over 7,000 ultrafast

EV charging stations

by 2030

PowerX Charge Stations deployment goals

To boost EV growth in Japan in terms of both number and type of vehicles, we will deploy charging stations across the country by 2030.

Rapid expansion of

charging station

locations throughout

the country

* Image figure of the Charge Station network

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • Marunouchi Trust City
  • Kamiyacho Trust Tower
  • Gotenyama Trust City
  • Narita Airport, etc.

More to come

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Hypercharger helps you
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Key Features

An easy-to-deploy

and sustainable

EV charging solution

Hyper charger can charge EVs with up to

240kW without a costly installation

Easy to deploy

No high-voltage contract

and complicated

construction required

The battery-integrated design enables easy and
economical installation with low-voltage permitting.

Point of interest

Curate a unique

user experience

with oupon campaigns

Charging station partners can boost
user engagement by providing access to facilities
and services while charging.

Premium partner offers

Additional marketing and

advertising opportunities

to connect with end users

Form a loyal client base of EV drivers with impactful
and tailored marketing strategies

Additional function

Ability to function as

an energy storage

The ESS unit of the Hypercharger can provide
emergency power supply during a power outage.