Power Transfer Vessel

Building the first Power Transfer Vessel
for transporting renewable energy by 2025

Power ARK 100

100.5 m
21.9 m
6.5 m
3,200 MT
100 - 300 km (when powered with electricity)
Standard : 10 knots;  
Max : 14 knots
Power Capacity
222 MWh

Power ARK 100

The advantages
of a Power Transfer Vessel*1

1,Transfer electricity anywhere connected to the sea  2,Less time required in development 3,Ability to choose where and when to send power 4,Minimal impact and destruction to the environment 5,Reduced installation and maintenance cost 6,Ability to choose when to sell or discharge electricity to the grid 7,Resilient to environmental disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis電気運搬船のメリット

Power Transfer Vessel

*1 When compared to undersea cables*2 Ports / offshore wind farms

Revolutionizing energy transfer

  • Onshore Converter/SubstationOnshore Converter/Substation
  • Power Transfer VesselPower Transfer Vessel
  • Offshore Wind FarmOffshore Wind Farm


Increased flexibity of OWF locationIncreased flexibity of OWF location, ※Current OWF area(〜30km offshore with undersea cables)

We will revolutionize renewable energy transmission with Power Ark,
a new breed of energy vessel with a massive battery payload to store
and transport clean energy from offshore to shore.

Expanding the potential
of offshore wind

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Current potential OWF location (up to 30km offshore)
  • OWF potential using battery ship (up to 200km offshore)
  • OWF potential using battery ship (up to 500km offshore)

Long Distance
Power Transmission

Power Transfer Vessels powered by both electricity and sustainable biodiesel fuel can unlock long distance clean power transmission across continents.

Long Distance Power Transmission

Power ARK 100

The first prototype vessel

Ready for field testing by 2025.

Power ARK 100

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